Sales Tracking
  • Viva Tracker provides senior
  • managers and executive teams orginized sales
  • reports based on Company, Market,
  • Store and Rep Level.
Custom Reporting
  • We can create custom reporting from data
  • that is imported from your POS station.
  • This will allow you track any type of metric
  • you would like while in the format you would like.
Commission Tracking
  • Viva Tracker allows you to easily
  • process commissions for your reps.
  • It also allows you to store historical
  • data for you to analyze in the future.
  • Viva Tracker is hosted in a secured colocated location.
  • This locations comes with traffic speeds equivalent
  • to 15 T-1s and has a backup generator to make
  • sure the servers are kept on at all times.
Intranet System
  • Viva Tracker creates a one stop shop for
  • employees to log on and view documents,news,
  • reports and daily numbers.It can also be used
  • to communicate important messages to the field.
Dispute Management
  • Viva Tracker will allow your company to identify
  • and keep track of commissions that were
  • not paid by your carrier and allow you
  • to track them month to month.